This 16-Year-Old Was Sick Of Babysitting For Her Dad’s Girlfriend, So She Put On A Scary Movie That Sent The Kids Running And Screaming

“My dad’s girlfriend has even tried to leave the kids with me and go out for brunch with her friends. Not okay,” she said.

Her dad also agrees that she should not be a live-in babysitter whenever they have company. So, he told his girlfriend to knock it off and told her that she was not obligated to help out.

Well, yesterday, her dad’s girlfriend apparently conveniently forgot all about that conversation.

It all began after she got to her dad’s house for a long weekend and tried to relax in her bedroom. Then, all of a sudden, her dad’s girlfriend knocked on the door and walked in with four of her friend’s kids.

And if you could not have guessed it, her dad’s girlfriend wanted her to entertain the kids while the adults all hung out in the other room. She was not going to get dragged into babysitting again, though, and said no.

But, her dad’s girlfriend would not stop insisting– even after she said she was watching a horror movie called “Ready or Not” that is not meant for kids.

So, after a while, she was just forced to let the kids inside her bedroom.

And at first, everything was fine. She decided to leave the movie on– which starts out with a pretty wedding scene, and the kids were pretty uninterested.

Soon after, though, the killing started, and the kids went running and screaming in fear.

At that point, her dad’s girlfriend came barging into her room and freaked out on her for scaring all of the children. Then, her dad’s girlfriend even threatened to take her TV away.

She honestly just laughed in her dad’s girlfriend’s face, though, and closed the door.

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