This 16-Year-Old Was Sick Of Babysitting For Her Dad’s Girlfriend, So She Put On A Scary Movie That Sent The Kids Running And Screaming

DavidPrado - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this young woman was eleven years old, her mother and father got divorced. And in the process, both of her parents got split custody. But, she primarily lives with her mom and spends most weekends and summers at her dad’s house.

Anyway, she is now sixteen and has her own bedroom at her dad’s– for which she recently got a lock and key.

She ended up deciding to lock up her room whenever she was not there because her dad had started dating a new woman.

And after that woman, who is twenty-seven, and her two kids moved into her father’s house, the kids started going into her room. One time, the kids even wrecked some of her personal belongings.

“So, my dad replaced everything and told his girlfriend that my room was off-limits without my permission. He also got me a lock with a key that only he and I have,” she explained.

Aside from that, though, her dad seems pretty happy with his new girlfriend. And thankfully, her dad still makes her a priority and spends plenty of time with her.

Still, the only thing that really annoys her about the new living arrangement, though, is how her dad’s girlfriend always has other moms and kids over for play dates.

She recognizes that her dad’s girlfriend is allowed to do that. After all, they will likely get married, and having guests over would be a given.

But, whenever her dad’s girlfriend wants to hang out with other moms and drink some wine, she is always expected to watch the little ones– which really ticks her off.

DavidPrado – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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