This 17-Year-Old Blew Up On Her Parents And Told Them That Her Sister With ASD Is Not Her Responsibility

It all began earlier this week when she mentioned to her mother how she would be throwing a graduation party at a friend’s house.

Then, her mom dropped a total bomb on her and said that she needed to invite her sister because her mom and dad were planning a date night.

So, in one fell swoop, she learned that her parents would not be attending her graduation. And on top of that, she would not even be able to attend or walk at the ceremony because she was going to have to watch her sister.

Finally, after not even being able to attend the graduation, she would have to bring and watch her sister at her own grad party.

She was understandably upset and told her mom that she could not bring her sister along– because, aside from all of her personal reasons, her friend’s house also had a lot of breakable items that she did not think her sister should be around.

However, her mom did not care. In fact, her mom claimed that it was fine and that she would just have to pay for whatever her sister broke.

So, at that point, she lost it and came totally clean to her mom about her feelings.

“I told my mom everything– about my new job, moving out, and essentially, how my sister is not my problem anymore,” she said.

Her mother did not even hear her concerns, though. Instead, her mom actually had the nerve to say that the family depends on her and asked how her mother and father would ever be able to retire without her help.

The latter part totally confused her, though, so she asked what the heck her mom was hinting at. But then, it finally came out that her parents had planned to retire early and travel the world; meanwhile, they expected her to stay home and care for her sister.

After hearing that, she literally could not believe her parents and finally decided to tell them off.

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