This Dad Took His 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Emotional Support Dog To The Shelter, And He’s Wondering If He Was Wrong To Do This

Nadezhda - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

A 47-year-old man is married to his 44-year-old wife, and together they have a 17-year-old daughter.

Lately, his daughter has been struggling with depression and anxiety. School has been extremely difficult for her to deal with too, and she asked him and his wife if she would be able to get an emotional support animal to help her cope with everything.

“I asked her why we couldn’t just put her in regular therapy again, but she said she didn’t really like her last therapist,” he explained. “Basically, she doesn’t want to try it again.”

“I was pretty against bringing an animal into the home as my daughter can barely keep her room clean and remember to wash her dishes, much less take care of an animal.”

“And I absolutely refused to do anything for the dog because I work long hours and didn’t want to be picking up messes when I got home. My wife said I was being unfair and that this could be what my daughter needed to get back in good spirits.”

So, he went against how he felt and agreed to let his daughter have a dog, though he only allowed her to pick from a couple of breeds that required less work or maintenance.

Right after they welcomed the dog into their home, it was clear that the dog preferred his wife and daughter over him, though he admits the dog most likely knew he wasn’t a fan.

Although everything was off to a great start, his daughter’s dog began slipping out of the leash when on walks.

His daughter’s dog also ripped up their couch and then ripped up some of the toys they purchased.

Nadezhda – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

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