This Dad Took His 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Emotional Support Dog To The Shelter, And He’s Wondering If He Was Wrong To Do This

Then, his daughter stopped taking the dog out, and he would frequently come home from work to find pee and poop all over the new carpet in their home.

“I warned her twice that if she didn’t start taking responsibility that the dog would be going back, and she gave me excuses saying she was feeling depressed again,” he said.

“She said she would do better, but didn’t. Ultimately, I got fed up, so one day, when she went to school, I loaded the dog in my truck and told the shelter he wasn’t a good fit for us.”

“Obviously, when she came home, she was upset. She was saying the dog was her best friend, but I told her that she wasn’t taking very good care of him, and he didn’t deserve that.”

His wife believes it was too cruel of him to bring the dog to the shelter while their daughter was at school, though she admits their daughter was not stepping up to take good care of the dog at all.

His daughter is currently accusing him of bringing back her severe depression because she no longer has her emotional support animal.

His daughter also has not spoken to him since, so he’s left wondering if it was the wrong thing to take her dog to the shelter.

What do you think?

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