This Mom At Disney Wouldn’t Wait In Line Like Everyone Else, And People Are Appalled

russell102 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A video of a mom trying to cut a long line waiting to get on a ride at a Disney theme park has gone viral, and we can see why.

For those who are unfamiliar with Disney theme parks, the lines to get on to rides can be extremely long.

It’s something that almost every park visitor has to deal with unless they have some sort of special fast pass privilege. Other than that, it’s pretty common for guests to have to wait up to an hour before they can get on a ride.

One woman was not having it with the lines at Disney a while back. But instead of going off to do something else with her children, she tried to blatantly cut a line full of people. Right in front of their faces!

A person in line decided to record the woman and wrote that she tried to get on the ride from its exit gate.

In the short video, the woman can be seen sitting stubbornly in one of the ride’s cars with her young daughter on her hip.

She then yells out ‘”no,” presumably at an employee who was trying to tell her that she had to exit the ride. That’s when she hastily gets up, and speed walks to the exit with her daughter still in her arms.

Mumbles of frustration and confusion come from the rest of the crowd, who were peacefully waiting for their turn in line. Just when they thought the woman had stomped off for good, she returned to yell at more employees.

The woman demanded to speak to “someone in charge” and continued to shout at employees from the exit side of the ride. When she noticed someone videotaping her, she cursed at them. In front of a bunch of kids, no less!

russell102 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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