This Teen Went Missing For Close To 2 Years, And A Teacher Was Just Arrested In Connection With His Disappearance

Michael’s aunt and uncle released additional information in a YouTube interview about how he got into an argument regarding chewing gum with his family before disappearing.

“The morning that he left…we had just had an argument,” Michael’s aunt said. “It didn’t seem like a huge big deal, but something triggered with him, and he got really upset and decided to leave.”

Michael’s aunt said that they tried to keep him at the house and tried to encourage him to talk to them, but then they thought it could be a good idea for him to go for a walk and blow off some steam. That was the last time they saw him until he came back close to 2 years later.

If you have any information related to Michael’s disappearance, the Rancho Cordova Police Department is asking that you call 916.362.5115, or you can leave an anonymous tip by calling 916.874.8477.

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