While She Was Deployed, Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her In Her Own Home, And She Found Out From Her Security Cameras

After she watched the footage of her boyfriend in her house with another woman, she tried to address the situation as fast as possible.

“I tried calling him, no answer,” she said. “I see him on the cameras ignoring my calls– still no answer.”

But Chelsea was not just going to let this go until she could see him in person again. She certainly got back at him for his mistake and caught him in the act.

“My cameras have an intercom function,” she said while smiling slyly. “So I addressed them both over the loudspeakers.”

While the girl that he was with probably didn’t expect that coming, one can only assume that he must have also forgotten that Chelsea can not only see them but speak to them as well.

Even though he tried turning the “camera away from the bedroom,” as Chelsea wrote in a video, he discounted the camera audio functions, including the intercom that she so brilliantly used against them.

“Hey, you two, hope you guys are enjoying my house, and my couch, and my bed, and my kitchen, and whatever else,” she said to them over the intercom.

“Apparently, this girl didn’t know that he was my boyfriend at the time, and she was very surprised to hear a voice come over the camera system and address them both.”

Chelsea eventually spoke to her ex on the phone and told him to get out of her house immediately, even though he tried to act very blazé about the entire situation.

“He knows he’s caught; he finally calls me back,” she said. “There’s no emotion, no remorse.”

He was quite bitter about it all in the end and wouldn’t explain himself to Chelsea– under the excuse of  “you have cameras– you know.” She kicked them out of her house after he tried to say that he will wait to start moving out until the next day.

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