2 Years Ago, She Set Out On A Roadtrip Following Her Brother’s Death But Vanished After Reportedly Sounding Disoriented While Talking About Angels And A Hitchhiker On A Phone Call With Her Dad

In 2020, forty-five-year-old Fauna Frey temporarily moved to Dexter, Oregon, to live with her older brother and father. The trio was running a family business together that specialized in building and selling homes in Lane County.

Then, on June 19, Fauna’s older brother died suddenly following an unexpected heart attack– and she was the one who discovered her deceased sibling.

Fauna was heartbroken, especially since she was the sole surviving sibling in her family. Her sister had already passed away in 2006, and her mother had died two years prior.

So, by June 27, Fauna decided to go on a road trip to clear her head and give some of her older brother’s personal effects to one of his friends. She reportedly left her home at about 8:00 p.m. that evening and planned to travel from Dexter, Oregon, to Grants Pass, Oregon.

After driving a bit that night, it is believed Fauna pulled over and spent the evening in her car. Where exactly she pulled over has remained unknown.

But, on the morning of June 28, Fauna traveled to a gas station known as Creswell 76 to purchase a few items. And at 11:45 a.m., she successfully made it to her brother’s friend’s house and reportedly stayed there for about half an hour.

What Fauna did for the rest of the afternoon is not known; however, at about 7:45 p.m. that evening, she arrived in Grants Pass, Oregon, and checked into a Super 8 hotel. At that point, she also decided to give her father a call.

As soon as Fauna’s father answered the phone, though, he could reportedly tell that his daughter seemed off. He recalled Fauna sounding distraught and disoriented– discussing angels and mentioning how she had given a female hitchhiker a ride earlier that day in Wilderville.

Oregon State Police; pictured above is Fauna

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