A Bride And Groomed Yelled At Her And Her Best Friend For Not Wanting To Move Their Seats At A Restaurant So They Could Have A Photoshoot Where They Were Sitting

The photographer badgered them to move even after they declined the first time, and they kept on saying no. When the photographer got nowhere with them, the bride and groom then started pleading with them to get up and move because it was important for them to take photos in that exact space.

“My friend and I said we understand it might be special, but this is a restaurant; they don’t own the restaurant and can’t just have people move seats just like that,” she said.

“The groom ended up yelling and asking for the manager to step in and move us. The manager declined since we were not getting any share for having the restaurant used as a photoshoot place and also defended us by saying that he won’t move paying customers so that the couple can occupy the place for free. The bride was tearing up and said how we are heartless for ruining this for her and making her upset one day after her wedding. They eventually left.”

While she and her best friend did not feel bad at all for saying no to the bride and groom, some of their friends think it was mean of them not to move.

“My friend and I felt no shame for what we did, but when we told our other friends, they said we lack compassion, and it was just a nice gesture we should have done to make someone happy,” she continued.

She’s left wondering if these friends are right and if she should have agreed to move for this couple’s wedding photoshoot. Would you have agreed to get up if you were asked to move for a bride and groom to take their photos?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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