After Her Niece Asked Why She And Her Husband Wouldn’t Be At Her Birthday Party, She Was Honest And Said It Was Because Her Husband Was Not Welcome

Maya Kruchancova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has been with her husband for ten years and married for five now. But when she first met her husband, he was healing from some severe family trauma caused by his father.

Apparently, after her husband’s parents got married, his mother was expecting twins. Tragically, though, his mom ended up suffering from a hemorrhage and ended up with eclampsia. So, neither her husband’s twin sister nor his mother survived.

Her husband almost passed away, too, but after spending a period in the NICU, his health began to stabilize. For as long as he can remember, though, his father blamed his sister’s and mother’s death on him.

Her husband did have grandparents who meant the world to him and who tried to protect him from his father’s anger during early childhood. But unfortunately, they also died by the time he was eight-years-old– another tragedy that her husband’s father actually claimed was his fault.

“My husband spent the next ten years hearing day after day that he was the reason. At no point did he have another person to reassure him that he wasn’t,” she recalled.

Anyway, by the time she eventually met her husband, he was just starting to heal from the trauma. He had moved away from his father and begun attending therapy.

And after she and her husband hit it off, he was welcomed into the family. He was reportedly adored by her nieces and nephews and was good with the rest of her family.

Well, that was until January of 2020, when she got pregnant, and she and her husband went in for a scan. While at the doctor’s appointment, they learned that she had sadly miscarried. And after hearing the devastating news, something inside of her husband “broke,” and he began to unravel into a mental health crisis.

Apparently, her husband began doing a “weird manic laugh” that was also a sob. Then, he ran out of the exam room while she trailed after him, very concerned.

Maya Kruchancova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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