Check Out This Unique Recipe For Pumpkin Chicken Pillows

I bet you love fall because of all the delicious food we get to try, but sometimes you might wonder if we can make any of those “traditions” different. 

Today’s your lucky day! 

Have you ever tried a meat-based “pumpkin?” TikTok Katerina has one perfect recipe under her account @kats_kitchen_, which she calls “Pumpkin Chicken Pillows.”

“This recipe is so versatile,” Katerina writes in her description. “You can add jalapenos, even hot sauce, to make a buffalo chicken version!”

The ingredients you need are:

-2 Packs of 16 oz cream cheese

-8 oz Cheddar cheese

-Green onion

TikTok; pictured above are Katerina’s Pumpkin Chicken Pillows

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