Ever Since This 19-Year-Old Was Struck By A Drunk Driver And Underwent A Double Amputation Two Years Ago, She Has Continued To Wow The World With Her Positivity

On July 30, 2020, nineteen-year-old Sarah Frei visited Bear Lake in Utah with three of her closest friends. But what started out as a fun trip quickly ended in disaster.

While driving home from the lake, the friend group was tragically struck head-on by a drunk driver. And Sarah, who was just seventeen at the time of the accident, sustained the most severe injuries.

She was life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital, where doctors discovered she had suffered injuries to her spine, paralysis below her waist, lost thirty percent of her intestines, sustained a broken ankle, and facial wounds.

So, Sarah ultimately spent three months in the hospital, undergoing twenty surgeries, and eventually had to have both of her legs amputated.

Before the accident, she was a dedicated tri-athlete who loved being a part of her high school’s swim, cheerleading, and golf teams. But even though Sarah did not have her legs anymore, she refused to let go of her passions.

After she was released from the hospital just three months after the tragic crash, Sarah was back cheering alongside her team in a wheelchair for the rest of their season. And prior to joining them on the field, Sarah even choreographed a new cheer routine while recovering in her hospital bed.

“Relearning how to do everything that used to be so normal was pretty difficult. That was probably the hardest time of it all,” she said in an interview with ABC4.

Still, Sarah pushed through and has not let her accident define her life. She has since started her sophomore year at Utah State University, traveled to Europe, ridden motorcycles, gone wakeboarding, and even skydiving.

Instagram; pictured above is Sarah

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