He Asked His Fiancée To Leave After She Freaked Out On His Daughter’s Boyfriend And Kicked Him Out Of The House, But His Fiancée Thought The Request Was Ridiculous

Africa Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is currently engaged, and in preparation for the nuptials, his fiancée recently moved in with him and his sixteen-year-old daughter.

And ever since then, he has been working to inform his fiancée about his and his daughter’s routines, as well as share everything they do around the house.

Unfortunately, though, he forgot to tell his fiancée about his daughter’s boyfriend– who always goes over to their house every Tuesday and Thursday.

“Basically, he [his daughter’s boyfriend] has basketball, I pick him and my daughter up from school, drop them both off, and they walk back to the house together because I have to go back to work,” he explained.

However, his fiancée did know that his daughter had a boyfriend– they just simply had not met yet or established that he would be over at the house every week.

And just last week, this became a massive issue that resulted in his fiancée completely freaking out on his daughter’s boyfriend.

It all began after he dropped the teens off from school and went back to work. While he was out, they sat down on the couch, watched a show in the living room, and ended up falling asleep.

Everything was all fine and normal, though, until his fiancée walked in and went crazy. She apparently ripped the covers off of his daughter and her boyfriend and told the boyfriend to get the hell out before she called the cops.

“She then grabbed my daughter from her spot and started accusing [my daughter’s boyfriend] of doing things not consensually,” he recalled.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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