He Bullied A Girl In High School That He Actually Had A Crush On, And He’s Wondering All These Years Later How He Can Make It Up To Her

sergiophoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Not too long ago, a 25-year-old guy ended up running into this 25-year-old girl that he went to high school with.

Back when he was in 10th grade, this girl ended up transferring to his high school. He was extremely popular, and this poor girl was not at all.

“The girls I normally dated were very fake and were snobs, and this girl we’ll call Scarlett was the complete opposite and very shy but from a middle to lower-income background and wasn’t popular,” he explained.

“Most girls ignored or bullied her because of the attention she received from the guys at our school (she was very petite with dark hair, very pale, but very large chest). I spent a lot of my time making sure the guys left her alone, but since I was immature and unable to deal with my feelings, I constantly teased her.”

“She normally ignored me, so I went out of my way for her attention by trying to be near her in classes or walking with her in the halls. I even found out where she lived and drove by her house often. I also made it clear she was off limits to all the guys at our school, so she couldn’t date anyone that went there.”

He and Scarlett ended up having an art class in common, and while in class, he never missed an opportunity to bully her.

He constantly made cruel jokes about her body, and he says, in hindsight, he does regret his behavior and how he treated her.

While back in art class with Scarlett, he frequently drew pictures of her, and to this day, he has a drawing of her hanging up in his home.

Many people who see this drawing in his house think that it’s actually Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind, and never does correct anyone who points that out.

sergiophoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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