He Dyed His Hair Purple, Blue, And Pink Two Weeks Before Being The Man Of Honor In His Best Friend’s Wedding, And His Friend Was Furious

AS Photo Project - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young man’s best friend is about to get married on Saturday, and he will be the man of honor at the wedding.

But about a week ago, he decided to change his hair color, and it caused some massive drama with his friend.

Apparently, his hair was originally this “gross” and washed-out mint green color. It also had some white streaks, and his roots were showing.

So, since he is a hairdresser, he decided to fix up his hair in anticipation of the big day. Rather than sprucing up the mint green, though, he opted to dye his hair a mix of purple, blue, and pink this time.

And when his friend first found out about the hair color switch, his friend was reportedly excited for him. But then, everything changed, and his friend “flipped her cap.”

According to him, his friend started calling everyone from friends to family and complaining that he decided to change his hair so close to the wedding date.

His friend is also close to his mother, who caught wind of the blow-up. But thankfully, his mother stuck up for his decision and claimed that “it’s just hair.”

Still, his friend kept going on a calling rampage– because she then contacted the other bridesmaids as well as the groom’s grandparents!

“They were all extremely upset and even called the groom, who compared it to wearing white on my friend’s wedding day,” he revealed.

AS Photo Project – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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