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He Finally Told His Wife’s 19-Year-Old Bratty Sister That He Never Actually Liked Her At All After She Confessed Her Love For Him

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A 30-year-old man is currently married to his 34-year-old wife, and although they only tied the knot 2 years ago, he has known his wife for quite a while.

Now, his wife’s parents live in another country, and a little over a decade ago, they sent his wife’s little sister Alexa to come to live with his wife so she could pursue her education.

Alexa is currently 19-years-old, and he says his wife is essentially the only parent that Alexa has. His wife also does basically everything that Alexa could possibly need.

His wife views Alexa more like her child than her sister because of the interesting dynamic in their relationship.

“I’ll be honest,” he explained. “Alexa is a brat who honestly gets on my nerves. It’s like she exists to make my wife’s life miserable. She’s arrogant, rude, entitled, nasty. She constantly broke rules and none of her teachers ever liked her.”

“She refused therapy. I’m amazed at the patience and kindness my wife has because the girl was a nightmare. The second Alexa went to college we got married.”

“She came home for Thanksgiving (probably skipping classes) and came to me this weekend and “confessed her feelings.” Apparently, I treated her so much better than my wife when she was growing up. I tried to be nice to her just because she’s my wife’s sister. I’d do things like take her out once in a while to give my wife/then GF a break. When my wife would try to tutor Alexa and she wouldn’t even do her work and fail half her classes, I told her to let it go.”

And as for what he means by Alexa confessed her feelings to him, he means romantically. Alexa insisted that he obviously more than liked her and so she wanted to reveal her own feelings for him.

Alexa asked if he felt the same way that she does, which he doesn’t. He was grossed out by the fact that he also was there when Alexa was a child, and he couldn’t believe she was doing this.

AH Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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