He Just Found Out That His Mother-In-Law Isn’t Dead Like He Thought; This Woman Is In Jail For Murder And His Father-In-Law Wants Him To Keep This A Secret From His Fiancé

“Then I called my FIL to chit-chat, and I said, “I saw a woman in prison who looks like her; how strange,” he explained.

“He said, “Was it X Prison?” I said, “Yes,” and he asked me to come over to his place. Turns out my MIL isn’t dead, but she was a murderer. She and my FIL were getting a divorce, and with that anger, she killed her mom, her dad, and her little brother, who was 12 at that time, for siding with my FIL when he said he wanted a divorce.”

“My fiancé was born in prison, and he was given to my FIL. Since this, I am very confused. My FIL asked me not to open the old wounds because he said she would never get out. They moved into our town after my fiancé’s birth, and he never visited their hometown again he showed me the news from that time. She is the same lady I saw.”

He really does get why his father-in-law wants him to keep this secret from his fiancé, but that’s not sitting right with him.

He’s curious if he should tell his fiancé that his mom isn’t dead like he thought all along. Do you think he should continue keeping this secret, as his father-in-law asked?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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