He Missed The Birth Of His Daughter Ten Years Ago And Has Been Absent From Her Life Ever Since, But Now He Wants To Introduce His New Girlfriend To His Daughter, And His Daughter’s Mom Is Totally Against It

pololia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this twenty-nine-year-old man was nineteen, he got married and even had a daughter. But, as soon as his baby girl was born, he admitted to disappearing from her life.

In fact, he never even saw his daughter while she was in the hospital as a baby and was rarely present in his daughter’s life over the last ten years.

So, if you could not have guessed, he got divorced from his ex-wife– who got full custody of his daughter. Then, he paid child support for just three years before ceasing any financial contributions.

“I married young, was really stupid, and thought I would end up being a good dad despite no skills,” he explained.

“But, I got scared that I would turn out like my dad and chickened out. It’s not really an excuse but an explanation, I guess.”

More recently, though, he has begun speaking with his ex-wife again in hopes of reconnecting with his daughter. But, his ex-wife has her fair share of understandable reservations. More specifically, she believes he should stay out of his daughter’s life for the most part.

Still, according to him, he believes that making amends is always possible and really wants to make things right. Despite that, he claims to respect his ex-wife’s decision– whatever that may be.

He also revealed that during the few times he has seen his daughter in the past, his ex-wife introduced him as a friend– another thing that he wants to change soon.

“My ex-wife says she will tell her [his daughter] when she is ready,” he noted.

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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