He Was Shocked His Boyfriend Turned The Heat On Without Asking And Told Him He Needed To Get Permission Next Time

On top of that, he admitted to knowing that his boyfriend often gets cold quite quickly. Still, though, he does not think that fact justifies his boyfriend doing “whatever he wants” and turning on the heat without permission.

“I don’t want him to pay for it or anything. I just think it is polite to ask the homeowner for permission before turning on the heating,” he explained.

He also claimed that if he had been in his boyfriend’s shoes, he would have just grabbed a blanket and waited until his partner returned home to ask for permission.

So anyway, all of these pent-up feelings of frustration over the thermostat ended up pushing him to tell his boyfriend that he needed to ask next time before turning on the heat.

And now, he has been left wondering if making his boyfriend ask for permission is actually reasonable or a pretty jerky thing to do.

Is it common courtesy to ask before turning up the heat at someone else’s home? Does it matter that they have already been together for over a year now, and he knew that his boyfriend often got cold easily? If you were in the same situation, would you be angry at your partner for turning the heat on or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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