He Went Out Of His Way To Pay For And Make A Dish To Bring To A Potluck Party With His Girlfriend’s Friends, But Then His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Making Her Look Cheap

New Africa - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old guy grew up learning to cook with his grandma. His grandma moved to America from his family’s home country so that she could babysit for him and his siblings.

Out of all of them, he was the only kid in his family that wanted to learn how to cook with his grandma.

Their entire family adored the food that his grandma would put on the table, and she adored being there to take care of him and his siblings.

Now that he is an adult, he still is super close to his grandma, and she actually lives with him.

“She lives with me now in my guest suite,” he explained. “My parents pay me to rent it to her since they downsized to a condo after we all moved out. We still cook together for family meals.”

“My girlfriend (29) loves my cooking. So she asked me to make some of the food she loves to take to a potluck dinner we are invited to. No problem.”

“But instead of marinating skirt steak for a day and then grilling it and chopping it up, my grandmother and I did it the cheap and easy way. We used store-bought lean ground beef. We also used canned tomatoes rather than fresh. That sort of thing.”

His grandma always has 2 ways of cooking every single one of her recipes; the traditional style that takes a ton of time and the easier way that feeds their family faster while still tasting delicious.

When it came time to go to the potluck party, his girlfriend came by to pick him up and drive him over there with her.

New Africa – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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