Her 25-Year-Old Daughter Kissed Their Neighbor And Admitted That She’s In Love With Him, And Now Her Own Fiancé Is Upset Because He Doesn’t Approve Of Them Being Together - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 41-year-old woman has a neighbor named Dale, and she’s lived next door to Dale for an entire decade.

Sadly, Dale’s wife passed away last year, and since then, he has gone through a severe depression.

Her own fiancé has stepped in to help Dale as much as possible, as well as be there for him in a bunch of different ways.

Her fiancé frequently gets Dale out of the house and goes out to do fun things with him. Now, she has a 25-year-old daughter named April, and she noticed that April has been spending a lot of time with Dale all of a sudden.

Initially, she didn’t want to say or suspect that April and Dale were becoming more than friends, but then something happened that confirmed her suspicions.

Recently, she and her fiancé saw April kiss Dale right there in his driveway. She thought it was cute, but then her fiancé got really upset.

She brushed the situation off and went back into her house. Then, April came over along with her daughter, and her fiancé decided to question April about what was going on with Dale.

April explained, “Oh well, me and Dale started talking last year after his wife died, and I got to know him, and I fell in love, and last night I made a move.

Her fiancé was horrified and could not even attempt to hide how disgusted he was. He informed April that he would no longer be allowing Dale to the be the best man in their wedding if she intended to date him. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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