Her Best Friend In High School Turned Into Her Bully, And Now This Girl Is Homeless And Expecting Her To Help

GTeam - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman used to have a best friend named Aryanna, whom she was very close with from elementary school all through high school.

But then, when they both got to high school, she wound up being relentlessly bullied by a particular group of her peers.

Aryanna was completely aware of how she was being tormented by these classmates of theirs, but shockingly, Aryanna wound up becoming one of them.

That’s right, her best friend turned into her bully, all because Aryanna thought it would be her ticket to getting to be one of the popular kids while also getting in good with a guy she liked in that group.

It was extremely upsetting for her to watch her best friend turn into one of her tormentors, but she was able to get over it.

After she graduated from high school, she never saw Aryanna ever again, and in the years since high school, she has done incredibly well for herself.

Pretty recently, Aryanna found her on social media and sent her a message, and she’s convinced that Aryanna only tried to reconnect with her because of her overwhelming success in her adult life.

“She apologized to me for the bullying in high school and explained that she needed help because she was leaving a bad relationship and needed somewhere to stay/money for a hotel until she could figure out permanent housing,” she explained.

“I told Aryanna that I was open to talking again through social media, but I really wasn’t comfortable giving her money or having her move in since we haven’t talked in years.”

GTeam – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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