Her Boyfriend Lied For 2 Years About His Identity, And Then He Faked His Own Death

This is probably one of the most insane “ghosting” stories that anyone has ever had after their date. TikTok creator @kathrynverb explained in a video that she had a date who ghosted her and everyone else in his life so intensely that she genuinely thought he was dead.

But this goes much further than just being ghosted after a first date. This man was a solid relationship for Kathryn.

“I was with a man for two years,” she said. “I thought I was going to marry him, have his babies, and spend the rest of our lives together.”

This was all before the pandemic. Then it hit in 2020 and upended her plans, as it did for most of us. Her plans that she had sculpted for her future suddenly changed unexpectedly.

“Covid hit, and he, unfortunately, told me he thought he had it,” she said, visibly cringing at the thought. “He was thinking about going to the hospital because he felt so bad.”

While that may sound like a sensible thing to do, especially given the severity of the virus in those early stages, the situation took a turn and only started to get weirder and weirder as time progressed that day.

“Miraculously, he was starting to feel better,” she said. “But it was that same day he told me he was feeling better that I never heard from him ever again.”

Keep in mind, this man was not just some one-night stand or first Hinge date. He was with her for two years before he went MIA. After two years of being together, he cut off all communication with her without any warning.

TikTok; pictured above is @kathrynverb in her video

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