Her Brother’s Wife Kissed Her One Night And She’s Not Sure What To Even Do After What Happened

Anyway, not too long ago, she ended up at Nick and Sasha’s house one night for a little get-together with several people.

As the evening wore on, it ended up just being her, Nick, and Sasha, sitting on the couch and laughing together.

Sasha did tell Nick it was time for him to go to bed, but then she returned to the living room to eat ice cream with her.

They chatted about silly things and also about how they felt lucky to be in one another’s lives.

“It was all fun and just like every other evening until she dropped her popsicle on me and started panicking as I was laughing,” she said.

“She was panicking trying to grab it, not holding it properly so it now being on my stomach, her basically rubbing it on my stomach as she was trying to grab it where she was basically half on top of me.”

She just kept laughing, and Sahsa was able to get a hold of her popsicle and place it into a nearby bowl.

She was about to say to Sasha that she should probably wash her hands because otherwise, she’ll be all sticky from the popsicle.

Before she could get the words out, Sasha grabbed a hold of her face and began kissing her. She simply froze up, not sure what she should do.

She finally managed to push Sasha off, and she sat there, unable to believe what Sasha had just done.

“She just looked at me, kind of licking the ice cream off her lips, and proceeded to go for my stomach again before I stood up and went, “Wait, what…Sasha” walked to the kitchen to get water and Uber home,” she continued.

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