Her College Roommate Has Been Using The Spare Bed In Her Room For Hookups, And When She Wouldn’t Be Respectful About It, She Locked Her Out Of Accessing The Room

She had no idea that Anna was using her room and her spare bed like that, and Anna just said she was super drunk and didn’t really think to give her a heads up.

Anna then walked back to her own room and ended their conversation. Several hours after speaking to Anna initially about this issue, Anna came out of her room, and she confronted her.

She stated to Anna that it’s ok for her or anyone else in their suite to use her second bed in her room, but because it’s her private room, she would like a heads up.

That way, she can also keep the sheets clean if anyone does hook up in that extra bed. Anna appeared to get where she was coming from, and so she dropped it.

“Everything was fine until I went home for the weekend,” she said. “Saturday morning, I call my good friend in room 3, Sam, and while catching up, she asks if I had left the door to my room open. I hadn’t, and someone was asleep in the extra bed.”

She wasted no time calling Anna to see if Anna was the one asleep in her room. Anna said she wasn’t, but she did say that her teammate that she had hooked up with was in there.

As Anna tried to come up with an explanation, she shut her down and demanded to know why Anna had not texted her a heads up first.

She reminded Anna that she had asked her to do that, but obviously, Anna wasn’t able to respect her, so she would be locking her room from there on out.

“She shot back, saying that I never set any boundaries, that I’m “dramatizing” things by wanting to lock my door (for the record, Sam was THERE when I told her my conditions for using the extra bed/ going into my room, so that was bull****),” she continued.

“I said that she should’ve texted me regardless, especially knowing how uncomfortable I was with it the first time. Anna then unenthusiastically apologized and said it won’t happen again, and I hung up. She’s been an ice queen with every interaction since.”

Anna claims that she never slept with her teammate for the second time in her extra bed, but she’s not really buying it.

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