Her Ex Is Demanding That They Share Custody Of Her Hamster, And She’s Positive He’s Only Doing This So He Can Weasel His Way Back Into Her Life

Her ex is still insisting that they switch custody of their hamster on a weekly basis, and she has no interest in seeing him weekly from here on out.

“I know within my soul that this is BS because he doesn’t even know her name,” she said. “She’s called Gary, and he’s never said her name correctly once. His only leg to stand on is the fact that he bought her, but like I’ve said, I bought everything else.”

“The thing with hamster supplies is the fact that the food alone costs 3x more than the hamster itself. I just want him off my back, our relationship wasn’t good. And to be so honest, I don’t think he is above hurting her while she’s in his custody.”

“He’s also being vile and making posts about me and Gary. I’ve offered to literally pay him the difference, but he’s being disproportionately stubborn.”

She’s curious if she’s the one who isn’t being reasonable here for not wanting to fork over Gary.

Do you think she should agree to split custody of Gary or tell her ex to take a hike?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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