Her Ex Never Bothers To Show Up For Their Son’s Surgeries But Constantly Harasses Her For Updates, So She Told Her Ex To Go To The Hospital And Talk To The Doctors Himself

Still, though, even just talking to her ex on the phone was utterly exhausting.

And what upset her the most was that her ex never even attempted to go to the hospital or see her son after he was released once.

Anyway, it has now been a year since her son’s first surgery. And now, due to the birth defect, her son will soon be undergoing another surgery with the same estimated recovery time.

What’s also the same is that her ex has continued his overbearing yet simultaneously absent behavior, and it is seriously pissing her off.

“Not once did my ex ever go to any doctor’s appointments, testing, etc., but would consistently berate me if I did not call him immediately to tell him every detail,” she said.

But, yesterday, after she went to pick up her son from his grandmother’s– her ex’s mother’s– house, she ran into her ex in person. So, she took that opportunity to remind her ex that their son’s surgery was quickly approaching.

Rather than sharing his support or saying he would be there, though, her ex claimed that she “better make sure to constantly call him.” And after hearing that, she was shocked and totally done taking her ex’s attitude.

So, she actually cut him off mid-sentence, told him no, and explained how if her ex wanted to know what was going on with their son, he could show up at the hospital and talk to the doctors himself.

Her ex did not take the constructive criticism well, though, and actually freaked out on her. She was not going to stand being yelled at by him, though, so she picked up her son and just went home.

Well, ever since that argument, she has been fielding countless messages from her ex– who is claiming that she is a jerk and trying to deny him access to his child.

“But I am just tired of being the messenger,” she vented.

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