Her Friend Demanded A Set Amount Of Money From Each Wedding Guest And Claimed It Was Customary, But She Believes Her Friend Was Just Hosting A Cash Grab

And honestly, she could not believe her ears when her friend said that. So, she decided to confront her friend and tell her how rude she sounded.

“I told her it was not really appropriate to make such demands of her guests and said that I was not comfortable with this,” she recalled.

Despite that, though, her friend just kept brushing her off and claiming that expecting a set amount of money was a normal and customary practice in Belgium– since, apparently, all of the gift money goes toward helping the newlyweds purchase a house.

To be frank, she totally understands that goal and admitted she would be happy to throw in some money to help her friend buy a home. But still, the way her friend demanded the money and set an explicit price point honestly made the entire thing feel pretty fishy.

Plus, it’s not like her friend was having a small wedding where only a limited number of guests would be contributing toward the house fund, either. Instead, there will actually be ninety-seven people in attendance.

So, she decided to do a bit of research on this “Belgium custom” to see if her friend was really telling the truth or trying to pull a fast one on the wedding guests.

“It seems like a cash grab to me,” she revealed, “I have not been able to see any hint of this being a tradition from my online searches.”

And after realizing that, she told her friend her true feelings about the wedding gift expectation. Rather than being understanding, though, her friend actually just had a total meltdown.

Her friend claimed that if she was not comfortable paying that money, it would be unfair to all of the other guests who were paying. So, her friend claimed that she just should not go to the wedding unless she planned on bringing the cash.

On top of that, her friend then began bragging about how her father promised three thousand euros as his gift. Why her friend thought that would help the situation, I have no clue.

Anyway, all of this led her to just thank her friend for the wedding invite and inform her friend that she would no longer be attending the event.

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