Her Friends Were Always Mocking Her For Driving An Old Car, So She Finally Told Them Their Expensive Cars Were “Useless Status Symbols” That Were A Bad Investment 

Dragana Gordic - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this thirty-year-old woman was in high school, her parents helped her buy a Honda. And ever since then, she has kept the old car.

It is now fourteen years old but has been really reliable over the years. Plus, she never really cared about how old her car was.

After all, it gets her where she needs to go, and she really just does not see a point in wasting money on flashy cars.

Well, two of her friends do not exactly agree with her perspective. One of her friends has an Audi SUV, and the other owns a BMW SUV– both of which were bought brand new off the lot.

But because they spent so much money on these vehicles, both of her friends still live in pretty bad apartments.

“I don’t understand why someone would buy a seventy thousand dollar car when that money could be used toward saving for a home,” she explained.

Still, she does not believe that anyone else’s financial decisions are her business, so she has never voiced her opinion on her friends’ purchases.

Yet, her friends are always asking her why she drives “an old beater” when she has a well-paying job and can easily afford a “nicer” ride.

“And when I say always, I mean it comes up every time we hang out,” she revealed.

Dragana Gordic – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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