Her Husband Has Been Cheating On Her, So She Filed For Divorce, But He Still Expects Her To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner And Host His Whole Family

Alliance - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman in her 40s has been married to her husband for 22 long years. This September, her husband left home for a work trip, and then she received a shocking email from him.

His email stated that he wanted to get divorced from her, and it was a complete sucker punch. She had no clue that he felt that way, and she picked up the phone to try to get a hold of him.

After calling several times, her husband finally picked up the phone and admitted to her that, yes, he really wanted to go through with a divorce.

He then told her he was not happy and had felt that way for some time before informing her that he thought the email was the best way to break things off so he would not have to cope with her being “hysterical and unreasonable.”

“After a lot of begging for clarification, he said the major reason for divorce is that he can’t handle my illness,” she explained.

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder a couple of years ago that causes some painful physical symptoms. I have learned to manage it with a lot of diet control and exercises, but I have occasional flare-ups of pain.”

“More importantly, it hasn’t affected his lifestyle at all because he has done nothing to take care of me, and I still manage almost all of the household while working full time.”

In the month following his shocking email, her husband left their house and stated that he was staying with one of his friends, though he would not tell her who.

She ended up digging through his cellphone records and credit card statements to piece together what was really going on, and everything led her to one conclusion: her husband was cheating on her and had been for a while.

Alliance – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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