Her Husband Is 19 Years Older Than She Is, And He’s No Longer Interested In Spending Any Kind Of Time With Her

erainbow - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old woman is currently married to her husband, who is 19 years older than she is, and they tied the knot just 2 years ago.

They then went on to have a baby, who is 1-year-old, and now she’s pregnant with their second child.

Her husband has a pretty stressful career, though he mainly works from home and can make his own hours.

He spends a lot of his days and evenings taking calls for work, and he does have to go out to lunches for his job as well as be available to go on business trips within a moment’s notice.

A lot of his attention is taken up by his job and these constant, nonstop calls that he has to take, but that’s not the only thing that really takes up the majority of his time.

“He is extremely social and has friends and houseguests visiting ALL the time,” she explained.

“Most days, he hangs out with a friend at some point while I’m home with the baby. He has a lot of female friends, some he’s been friends with for decades, and they seem to expect a lot from him in terms of emotional availability, general availability, etc.”

“The baby needs a lot of attention and prefers me since she’s usually with me, so he sleeps in another wing of the house, and I do evening and nighttime by myself.”

She and her husband do not sleep in the same bed, as their daughter gets up during the night, and largely, she’s alone with their daughter.

erainbow – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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