Her Husband Just Told Her That He Bought Her NFL Tickets For Christmas, And After She Asked To Return Them, He Called Her A Selfish Brat

Kostiantyn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman’s husband just told her what her Christmas gift was because he couldn’t wait to let her find out in December.

He spilled the beans by first providing her with a couple of little hints, such as she shouldn’t plan to do anything on Christmas Day this year.

Now, her mother-in-law is coming to town for Christmas, so she questioned her husband if her mother-in-law would be coming along with them to wherever it was they are going, and he said she would.

She guessed what her Christmas present was, and eventually, her husband just told her that he had bought her NFL tickets.

“I grew up in the south and am a big football fan,” she explained. “We have not yet gone to a game together, and I have mentioned that I really wanted to go to a game with him several times over the nearly 5 years that we have been together.”

“However, this wasn’t really what I had imagined-going to a football game on Christmas Day with my husband and MIL. He was a little taken aback when I didn’t burst with joy. I shared that while I thought he was very thoughtful, and I love that he thought about the things that I love and put so much thought into it, it’s just not really what I had imagined for our first game.”

“He told me that he had a cancellation policy on the tickets, and I asked him if I could think about it before making up my mind. However, I was leaning towards wanting him to return the tickets, and we can go to a different game at some point later when my MIL is not in town.”

Well, as soon as she mentioned to her husband that she wanted to think about it, he instantly called her a “selfish brat.”

He also got upset with her for trying to exclude his mom from their plans, which wasn’t what she was trying to do at all.

Kostiantyn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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