Her Husband Paid For Him And His Friends To Go Away For Weeks For The World Cup But Left Her With Only One Hundred Dollars To Celebrate Christmas With Their Three Kids, So She Said They Would Not Be Celebrating This Year, And Now Her Husband Is Furious

Her husband apparently did not understand or care, though, because he just shrugged her off and claimed that was all the money he had.

But quite frankly, she saw through her husband’s charade and pointed out how he was paying for his friends’ and their girlfriends’ travel expenses to Qatar.

Nonetheless, he told her to “just take the money” anyway, and she actually refused.

She ended up telling her husband that if he seriously left their family with only one hundred dollars for everything, then she would not be doing anything for Christmas in their home.

Well, her refusal prompted various arguments that never ended up getting resolved. Her husband has since left for Qatar days ago, and just yesterday, while she was cleaning up, she stumbled upon an envelope.

The envelope contained the same one hundred dollars with a note from her husband to “make it work.”

And after finding that, she was furious and decided to send her husband a message underscoring how she would not be doing anything for the holiday with such little money.

“He was livid,” she explained, “He just kept sending an angry message after another angry message.”

Apparently, her husband blew up her phone and accused her of being “spoiled” and said that she needed to stop expecting to live as if she was still living at her parents’ house.

Finally, he even claimed she was trying to “rob” their children of enjoying the holidays as other kids do.

Ever since receiving those texts, though, she has not responded. So, her husband has continued saying that she is trying to punish him for going to the World Cup and guilt trip him for using his own money by taking away Christmas.

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