Her Husband’s Estranged Father Passed Away, Left Behind Children Her Husband Never Knew About, And Her Husband Was Named Their Guardian, But They Are Refusing To Raise The Kids 

Jelena - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual couple

When this woman’s husband was just seventeen-years-old, his mother fell ill and sadly passed away. On top of dealing with the grief of losing his mom, though, he also discovered some disgusting news– while his mother was sick, his father had been having an affair.

Her husband’s father even went on to marry his mistress afterward– something that her husband could never forgive his father for. So, her husband cut off contact, and the father-son duo has been estranged ever since.

Well, about three months ago, she and her husband were unexpectedly hit with even more drama from her father-in-law’s past.

Apparently, her husband’s father and the mistress had two children after they got married– meaning that her husband had two younger half-siblings he never knew about.

Plus, he only found out about his half-siblings because his father and his father’s mistress passed away in a car accident. And for whatever reason, her husband had been secretly designated the children’s guardian in the event of his father’s death.

So, completely out of the blue, she and her husband were hit with a call, both informing them of the news and asking if they would be willing to take in her husband’s half-siblings. To be honest, though, her husband said hell no.

“My husband told the person who called that he was not willing to become their guardian. The person understood and what ended up happening is my husband’s aunt took the kids. This is his father’s sister,” she explained.

Ever since initially refusing, though, she and her husband have been repeatedly harassed by her husband’s aunt.

The aunt still wants her husband to take in the kids and has called him countless times about it. The aunt keeps trying to convince him to first meet the kids, then form a relationship with his half-siblings and see if he would be interested in taking them in after all.

Jelena – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual couple

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