Her Husband’s Estranged Father Passed Away, Left Behind Children Her Husband Never Knew About, And Her Husband Was Named Their Guardian, But They Are Refusing To Raise The Kids 

Her husband has absolutely no interest in doing that, though, and made it very clear to his aunt. So eventually, he was forced to stop responding to his aunt’s calls and actually block his aunt’s number altogether.

Despite that, though, her husband’s aunt did not stop. Instead, the aunt moved on to harass her.

It first began while she was working, and her husband’s aunt showed up at her house. The aunt claimed they needed to talk, then proceeded to actually tell her that she could decide for her husband and “be the person to make the first step.”

“My husband’s aunt also told me the kids were just as much my responsibility as they are my husband’s and that they are children who are orphaned and don’t need the family history being the reason they never know their brother,” she recalled.

She ended up telling her husband’s aunt off, though, by first saying that raising the kids is in no way her responsibility. Additionally, she said that if her husband was not interested in knowing and raising his siblings, she would never go behind her husband’s back and agree to take them in.

Then, she noted how if her husband’s aunt does not want the kids, then she should just say so.

“But, my husband’s aunt should not try to force the kids into a home where they are unwanted and unloved,” she said.

Finally, she told her husband’s aunt that, yes, the situation was tragic for the children. At the end of the day, though, that was not her or her husband’s doing, and the kids are just not their responsibility.

If you could not have guessed, though, her husband’s aunt did not take any of this well. Instead, she got accused of being heartless. Then, her husband’s aunt said that as a woman, she should be ashamed to have a partner “who would discard flesh and blood children over the actions of adults.”

She was sick of hearing it, though, and made her husband’s aunt leave after that comment.

“I had to then also block her on my work phone because she attempted to reach me there to tell me that, once again, I am this bad person,” she vented.

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