Her Mother Has Always Relentlessly Bullied Her About Her Weight, And Now She Is Seeking Advice On How To Finally Make Her Mom Understand How The Comments Affect Her Self-Esteem

Gregory Lee - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

According to this twenty-one-year-old woman, her mother and father were always great parents while she grew up. They sacrificed a lot to give both her and her brother the best life they could, and her parents were always physically there whenever she needed anything.

But, no parent is ever perfect– and her mother has been a consistent bully about her weight for her entire life.

Ever since she can remember, both she and her brother have been overweight. Her mother, on the other hand, has always been skinny– even though her mom tries to claim that she was once chubby in her teen years.

Her lowest weight was right around her eighteenth birthday, but in the years since, her weight has fluctuated up and down.

And after she started working a year ago, she began eating unhealthily due to a lack of prepared meals and also not working out due to exhaustion.

“So, it [her weight] has been steadily going up, and I say I am more overweight now than I was ever before. I am not a monstrous size, but it’s obvious I’m heavily overweight,” she explained.

Now, she completely understands that if she does not lose weight, she is endangering her health and her life.

However, she honestly has no clue where to start– such as how to change her diet, cook for herself, and find time to exercise.

Most importantly, though, she cannot find the motivation to change her habits and believes it is largely her mom’s fault.

Gregory Lee – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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