Her Mother Took Back Her Stepdad, Who Ran Off With All Of Their Savings And Left Them In Massive Debt For A Second Time, So She Called Her Mom A Fool

evgennish - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this twenty-five-year-old woman was just seven, her mother met and married her stepdad– who her mother thought was the love of her life.

Her mom ended up having two daughters– who are now sixteen and ten– with her stepdad. And for a short while, her family was quite well off.

But then, just two months after she graduated from high school, her mother informed her that her stepdad had run away from the family. On top of that, he had left her mother saddled with a massive debt from gambling.

“He also took our family savings and even got my college fund,” she revealed.

“My mom had to give up so many things so that she could pay some of the debt since threats were thrown at my sisters.”

And even though she was only sixteen at the time, she was also forced to completely alter her life plans due to her stepdad. She actually postponed going to college for a full two years just to work and help support her family.

Then, she was offered a scholarship from a rural state university and decided to jump on the opportunity.

She worked hard in school, secured her degree, and graduated with a high GPA– even though she had to juggle her classwork and studying with working multiple part-time jobs.

Last year, though, she became so burnt out from constantly working that she decided to resign from her full-time job and take a break. After all, she was just feeling really unhealthy and needed to take a rest.

evgennish – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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