Her Mother Won’t Allow Her Stepdad To Adopt Her Siblings Unless He Also Adopts Her, But She Doesn’t Love Him Like A Father, And It Has Driven A Wedge Between Her And Her Family

Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this sixteen-year-old girl was only seven, her father sadly passed away. And her father left not only her behind but also her two siblings– a sister who was five at the time and a brother who was four.

Her mother then ended up getting remarried just fourteen months later. According to her, though, her mom never cheated on her dad.

“She just moved quickly,” she said, “And it was not great for me.”

Unlike her, her siblings really took to her stepfather and came to love him. Plus, just one year after he entered their lives, her siblings wanted to be adopted by him.

She, on the other hand, wanted nothing of the sort– which became a huge issue when her siblings sought out adoption.

Apparently, her siblings gave the idea a few years before they actually started moving forward with it.

Before anything could be confirmed, though, a judge wanted to speak to her and sent her to a therapist– since it was obvious she did not want to be adopted.

“And in the end, the judge declared that my stepdad could not adopt me but could adopt my siblings. It seems he normally approves adoption regardless, but he realized that I secretly didn’t want it but felt guilty,” she explained.

Rather than the judge’s decision just getting her out of the adoption, though, it actually made her the enemy in her family.

Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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