Her Parents Helped Her Buy A Townhouse And Stipulated That No One Was Allowed To Move In Or Stay There When She Wasn’t Home, But Her Boyfriend Just Does Not Understand The Rule

Well, at that point, she was also forced to remind her boyfriend that if he wanted to stay, he would have had to wake up and leave at about 4:00 a.m. when she went to work.

Her reminder kind of upset her boyfriend, though, and he ended up asking why he could not just stay at her townhouse and sleep in until she got off of work.

So, she reiterated her parents’ expectations that no one lives in or stays at the townhouse while she is gone, but her boyfriend actually got really angry at her.

“My boyfriend said that he felt hurt that he did not get a say in any of these guidelines before I moved out and that he feels excluded,” she recalled.

To be frank, though, she did not really understand why her boyfriend felt like he had any say in the first place– and she honestly let him know why.

First, she pointed out that her boyfriend did not exactly contribute any money to her home purchase. Plus, his name was not even on the title.

“So, I have a hard time grasping why he would feel that he would get any say in what happens in my home,” she noted.

On top of that, she also told her boyfriend that she does not dictate what he can and cannot allow in his own home. In turn, she had no clue why he felt he was entitled to help make decisions at her house.

Finally, she also thinks that she should not move in with a man until she is engaged to him. And apparently, that is a personal belief she had expressed to her boyfriend several times before this argument.

So, she was quite confused about where her boyfriend misunderstood their arrangement and believed she had a right to put him in his place after he got angry.

At the same time, though, she has been reflecting on the situation and feels a bit bad for pointing out her boyfriend’s lack of financial contributions and ownership title.

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