Her Parents Wanted To Sell Their Home And Move In With Her, But She Told Her Parents She Wants To Put Them In A Retirement Home, And They Flipped

elnariz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s family is from South Asia, but she was born and raised here in the United States– along with her older brother. Unfortunately, though, she and her brother had very different relationships with their parents.

Apparently, her parents absolutely adored her brother. But, her parents just “tolerated her” and even expected her to stay home and take care of both them and her brother.

Understandably, though, that was never the life path she wanted to take. So, as soon as she graduated high school, she secured a partial scholarship to a state university and decided to get the heck out of her childhood home.

She ended up needing to work throughout all four years of her undergraduate education to support herself. But, she was fortunate enough to obtain a full scholarship for her graduate degree.

“So, I graduated university with only a small debt and two degrees,” she recalled– a massive accomplishment achieved on her own.

She later went on to find a career that is very fulfilling and a husband who she is totally in love with. She and her husband are also now expecting their first child and plan to have two kids in total.

On the other hand, her brother was not forced to deal with the same educational obstacles she did. In fact, her parents actually footed the bill for her brother’s entire college tuition, and he emerged from school with a great, high-paying job.

“But he has chosen to have five children, and they all go to private school and have all kinds of extracurricular activities,” she explained.

“And his wife is a stay-at-home mom even though they have a nanny. I know five young children would be difficult to manage. I am just saying that she has a degree as well, but they have chosen to be a one-income household.”

elnariz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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