Here Are 3 Exciting Cocktails For You To Serve To Your Guests This Thanksgiving

Pour equal amounts of the Irish cream, caramel, and vodka into a cocktail maker and mix them well. Katie Kelly doesn’t have a particular measurement since you can have it as much–as strong as– you like. It also depends on the size of your martini cups. 

Next step–oh wait, there is no next step. You’re done! 

For the final touch, garnish the drink with some sea salt candy.

Number Two: Pomegranate Orange Spritz

TikTok; pictured above is Julianna’s pomegranate orange spritz

TikTok user Julianna Vezza shares a recipe for her pomegranate orange spritz with also just a few ingredients:


-1 oz pomegranate juice

-1 oz Aperol

-1 oz orange juice

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