He’s Picking His Stepmom To Dance With Him At His Wedding Too, And His Mom Absolutely Lost It When She Found Out It Wasn’t Going To Be Just Her

hreniuca - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A 29-year-old guy is right in the middle of planning his upcoming wedding, and one recent detail he had to decide on was who he was going to choose for his mother-son dance.

His mom and dad got divorced back when he was 5-years-old, and the divorce happened because his dad ended up falling in love with a woman named Alice.

His dad has always maintained that he waited until he was separated before he pursued a physical relationship with Alice.

While he can’t confirm or deny that, he doesn’t feel that he really needs to know the truth. When he turned 7, Alice married his dad and moved in with them.

Alice and his dad then went on to have his 2 siblings within the following 4 years.

“My parents had split custody, and Alice was 100% a mother figure to me,” he explained. “We are very close, she’s been there for me for every tough moment of my life.”

“She also helped pay for my college and grad school, which I’m extremely appreciative of. My mom is a good mom, but we’ve never been as close as I am with my dad and Alice. Our personalities are just very different.”

Because he is so incredibly close to Alice, he feels it would be wrong not to include Alice in his wedding.

He is planning on doing a traditional mother-son dance with his mom, but then he also asked Alice if she would do a dance with him too.

hreniuca – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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