He’s Wondering If He’s A Monster For Not Wanting To Support His Wife Making A $5,000 Donation To A Children’s Hospital

He then made a new account with their bank and took all of his money out of their joint account, and put it in the new account. The only money left in their joint account was his wife’s money, and she has about $5,000 in the account now.

“She doesn’t have much more than $5,000, so once the children’s hospital donation hits that account, she won’t have enough money left to buy a cup of coffee,” he said.

“I told her what I did and that she made the donation without talking to me about it, so it’s coming out of her money, not mine. She said I can’t do that because both of our names are on the donation brick (they put the donor’s name on a brick then use those bricks to build part of the new wing), and she can’t back out of it without looking foolish to the rest of the executive team.”

“I told her she should have thought of that before giving away money without talking to me first. She argued it’s for a good cause to which I argued making sure we’re not homeless next year is a better cause.”

Well, his wife has since got her entire family dragged into their drama, and his wife’s dad even called him up wanting to have a talk. His wife’s dad expects him to support his wife in her decision to donate the money to the children’s hospital, and his wife’s whole family thinks he’s a complete monster.

He’s left wondering if he really is. Do you think he’s a monster, or do you think he’s right in being concerned about their finances?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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