His Brother Tried To Criticize How He Parents His Foster Son, So He Called His Brother A Deadbeat Dad

Anyway, this past Friday, his brother also attended the family dinner with his parents and foster son.

And during the dinner, his father apparently lectured his son on something school-related that wound up making his foster son pretty angry.

So, his foster son ended up talking back to his father– which he admits was undoubtedly rude. But, his foster son did get up from the dinner table after that and said he needed to get some space– which is exactly what they had been working on at home.

This prompted him to tell his foster son that that was totally okay and that his foster son could take all the time he needed.

After his foster son finally left the room, though, his brother decided to throw in his two cents on the situation.

Apparently, his brother claimed that he needed to be more strict “with the boy” and discipline him. That way, his foster son would not talk back or yell at his father.

He knew that his brother had no clue what his foster son had been through, though, so he told his brother that how he raised his kid was none of his brother’s business.

His brother did not really get the hint, though, and kept insisting that he was doing a bad job. Then, he even got accused of raising “a little monster.” So after a while, he just could not take it anymore and decided to put his brother in his place.

“I got upset and told my brother that he was a deadbeat who didn’t even want to try raising his own kids. So, he should stay out of how I raise mine,” he recalled.

And to be honest, his father was completely on his side and believed that his brother was way out of line for trying to give parenting advice after being an absentee father for so long.

On the other hand, though, the comment really upset his mother– who is now urging him to apologize to his brother.

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