His Fiancée And Her Maid Of Honor Want Their Dogs To Get Married In The Middle Of His Wedding, So He Said They Should Just Get Married At The Courthouse

Soon, though, he realized that Jessica and Abby had vastly different plans for their dogs. In fact, the girls want their dogs to actually get married during his wedding ceremony.

Obviously, he was not very excited about that idea. He also brought up some really valid concerns from a wedding planning perspective.

For instance, who would take care of the dogs for the rest of the day? And what if the venue they decided on for the wedding did not allow pets?

Anyway, he and Jessica went back and forth on this for a long time until he eventually caved and said that the dogs could “get married” on their wedding day. However, he said that the dog ceremony would have to happen at the end of their ceremony.

Still, even though his agreement may have already seemed generous, Jessica and Abby came back to him a few weeks later with yet another request.

Apparently, they now also want parts of their reception to be specifically dedicated to the dogs’ “friendship.”

For example, the girls are hoping to have a puppy picture slideshow, a specific doggy cake, and dog-friendly favor bags.

Oh yeah, because they also want their friends and family to bring their pups to the wedding, too.

Understandably, this was all just way too much for him, and he told Jessica absolutely not. He also reminded his fiancé about how he had already made one compromise and did not want a ton of dogs around for the entire day.

Plus, even if they did end up doing that, he told Jessica they would still have to find a brand new wedding venue that would allow dogs to be roaming around the entire time.

“I also reminded Jessica that she was near the limit of what she could contribute toward our wedding funds, and I would be paying the rest. So, I don’t want to pay extra for stuff for a bunch of dogs,” he explained.

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