His Girlfriend And Her Friends Totally Ignored Him At A Pumpkin Patch, So He Decided To Leave And Got Accused Of Leaving His Girlfriend Stranded

It only got worse inside the corn maze, though, because all of the girls decided they wanted to split up inside.

And if you could not have guessed, his girlfriend went with all of her friends; meanwhile, he was left all alone.

So, at that point, he was pretty annoyed and realized that he could have been watching the Seahawks game instead of following his girlfriend’s friend group around. And he decided to do something about it.

“I texted my girlfriend that she had five minutes to respond to me, or I was going back to town to watch the game. Then, she could get a ride back with her friends,” he explained.

Well, his girlfriend did not answer within those five minutes, and he ended up going to the bar. In fact, his girlfriend did not text back until during the second quarter of the game.

“It took her that long to notice I was gone,” he vented.

Anyway, his girlfriend ended up saying that her friend would have to drive really out of their way to drop her off at home. So, his girlfriend said that he should just go get her.

Honestly, though, he was already pissed off and just told his girlfriend to get an Uber home. He also offered to pay for it.

But his girlfriend told him, “never mind,” and decided to just spend the night at her own apartment instead– so he thought everything was fine.

By the next morning, though, it was apparent that nothing was fine. He apparently woke up to about fifty texts from both his girlfriend and all of her friends accusing him of being a jerk for leaving the pumpkin patch without telling anyone.

Still, he claims that he did tell his girlfriend and that she just chose to ignore him. All the while, she was reportedly posting a ton of pictures on social media.

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