His Stepdaughters Gave Him Adoption Paperwork For His Birthday As A Present, And After He Said That He Didn’t Think It Was A Good Idea, One Of His Stepdaughters Accused Him Of Not Loving Them

halayalex - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual people

A man has been a stepdad to his two stepdaughters ever since the girls were 11-years-old and 12-years-old.

He always believed that his stepdaughters were wonderful girls, but as soon as he entered their lives, they let him know that they were not interested in him playing the role of dad to them.

“I was much more of a friend than a father to them, even though in the beginning, I wanted to be more,” he explained.

“I know it was wrong to push to be their dad, and I took the sideline to their biodad. Both girls are in their 20s now. Their biodad is a piece of work, to put it lightly, and he would go in and out of their lives.”

Currently, the biological father of his stepdaughters has been out of their lives completely for some time after he up and vanished on them.

Not a single soul knows where this guy is or why he ghosted his girls, and both of his stepdaughters have just come to terms with the fact that he’s definitely not going to be coming back.

Although his stepdaughters have accepted this sad news, that doesn’t mean it was easy on them to acknowledge the reality of the situation. It’s been pretty tough on both of the girls throughout the last year, as they struggled with that.

Well, yesterday was his birthday and the gift that his stepdaughters gave to him completely and utterly shocked him.

The gift that he received was adoption papers so that he could officially adopt both of his stepdaughters.

halayalex – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual people

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