If You’re Looking For Turkey Alternatives For Your Thanksgiving Dinner, We Have You Covered With A Bunch Of Ideas!

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It’s officially Thanksgiving time! With the holiday one week away, families and friends everywhere are beginning to discuss what’s going to be on their Thanksgiving Day dinner menu. However, this year, the most iconic part of the annual dinner has become a little controversial.

People are starting to get a little tired of turkey. With this year’s inflation causing the price of turkeys to rise by approximately 20%, families are considering switching things up this year.

So if you’re thinking of having your own “pardoning of the turkey” ceremony in your household this Thanksgiving, here are some delicious alternatives to take its place.

For those who still love seeing a roasted bird in the center of their table, try making a delicious roast chicken instead of a turkey.

This is an especially great option for smaller families. From Ina Garten to Gordon Ramsay, there are a ton of famous chefs with easy and accessible recipes for roast chicken that are sure to please the table.

Here’s another great thing about using chicken – you can save the carcass to make an amazing homemade chicken soup the next day!

Did you know that culinary historians believe there was more seafood on the first Thanksgiving Day table than poultry? Near Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the first Thanksgiving was held, there was an abundance of seafood.

There were lots of mussels, oysters, bass, and even lobsters. So maybe this year, you can kick it back to 1621 and have some seafood on Thanksgiving!

Whether the fish is fresh or frozen, there are tons of dishes you can make. Try swapping turkey for a seafood gumbo, baked salmon, or tasty tilapia.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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