In 1987, She Went To Purchase Cigarettes At A Convenient Store, But What Was Supposed To Be A Short Errand Turned Into A Puzzling Mystery

Brenda Lee Alexander was born and raised by her mother, Frances, in Nicholson, Georgia. And according to Frances, her daughter quickly blossomed into an independent and responsible young woman.

“She was a very good girl growing up,” Frances said in an interview with Dateline.

Brenda was just sixteen years old when she welcomed her first child, Michelle, into the world in 1980. Afterward, she went on to marry Jimmy, who was Michelle’s father, before having two more sons– Kevin and Shannon.

Frances remembered how having and raising kids at that age was no easy task for Brenda.

“She had the kids when she was pretty young. She struggled for a bit,” Frances recalled.

Tragically, though, Brenda’s role as a mother was shortlived– because seven years after having Michelle, she vanished.

Brenda and Jimmy, as well as the rest of Brenda’s family, had all lived in Nicholson, Georgia, together. However, once the couple eventually got divorced, Brenda ended up moving to Athens, Georgia– which was just fifteen miles away.

It was there that Brenda met and married a man named Eugene. And after tying the knot, the couple moved into a room they rented from Brenda’s uncle.

Facebook; pictured above is Brenda

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